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Biotel East Africa Limited

Biotel East Africa Limited supplies some of the World’s best quality and affordable medical diagnostic products and services to Clinical Laboratories, Universities and Research institutions in the country. This is done through an integrated network of qualified and experienced personnel and distributors

Medical Services

Doctor care

Nursing care.

Physical, occupational, andspeech therapy

Laboratory Equipment

Biotel East Africa limited o ers supplies of medical-surgical equipment and pharmaceuticals to approximately 120,000 healthcare practices, facilities and organizations in non-hospital settings in Kenya

Medical Consumables

Medical consumable products that you use in daily practice can make a difference in the quality of care

What Makes Biotel Different?

We provide a vast range of everyday quality medical consumables and healthcare consumables quickly, efficiently at a price you can afford.

medical consumable products

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals

Our customers include physicians, podiatrists, obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, surgeons, emergency medical technicians, schools, colleges and universities, correctional facilities, municipalities and government agencies, occupational and industrial healthcare professionals and other specialty practice communities.